Microsoft releases new CRM case study : Access MediQuip

Well, I have to say that I’m flattered. It’s always great to look back on what you’ve created and get a sense of self-fulfillment. For me, today is no exception. I work for Access MediQuip as their lead developer and software architect. We deal with challenges every day – don’t we all? – and I have to say that I really enjoy them, or more specifically overcoming them. It feels good to be proud of what you’ve made, it feels great when your boss tells you that you’ve done a great job, but it feels pretty stellar when Microsoft likes it enough to write a case study about it.

I have to say that although the proverbial buck stops here when it comes to our solution, it’s great to have had the opportunity to work with great people too. While a lot of the development for our platform has been handled in-house, I was able to draw on the expertise of leaders in the industry as well. I knew that I wanted to involve someone who , like me, could “bring the heat” and in my mind that meant a Microsoft MVP.

In particular, I’m referring to none other than Mitch Milam. Mitch is Chief Technologist at CRM Accelerators and is a Microsoft CRM MVP. He brought the skills I was looking for in the CRM space. I’ve worked with Mitch since March of last year, and it’s been great. I’m not just ‘blowing sunshine up his skirt’ either. It continues to be a great experience, and I can highly recommend him to any clients looking to push the CRM/xRM envelope. I think we’ve both grown from working with each other, and I plan on continuing that growth. Cheers Mitch! – now where’s my $5? 😉

I love looking back on what I’ve created, but I have to say that it’s the tip of the iceberg in comparison with what we want to do with xRM. I’ll keep you posted for what interesting tid-bits I can share.

Here’s a link to the case study:

Mitch’s blog can be found here:

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