CRM 4.0 Sitemap caching

OK, I have no idea if this has been blogged about before, but it’s officially Turkey Day so I thought I’d give a little mention to how my day before Thanksgiving went. On a side note, you may have noticed that I haven’t done much blogging recently. I apologize for that, it’s been a busy past few months, followed by busy conference days, followed by vacation, followed by returning to the mountain that’s been building during my pseudo-absence. I promise to do better. But I digress…

This morning I had some phone calls and in the middle of my calls one of my developers came to me and said he couldn’t login to CRM. I was on the phone, so I asked him to investigate on his own. He came back to me asking if we had rolled our CRM development database back to about April because it looked like all our changes were gone. WHAT!? OK, everyone freeze and no one gets hurt.

Turns out it was a simple mistake by our DBA, but a high impact mistake nonetheless. So here’s the deal, we’re looking at upgrading to SQL 2008 for our primary database server so we were going to have him create a copy of the databases on the temporary SQL box. The problem was that when he reattached the databases, he attached a backup of our CRM database rather than the one he just detached. We found the mistake and attached the actual copy. Only one problem now, everything looked fine except we were getting a sitemap error. So what gives?

Long build-up for a short answer. When they attached the actual database they didn’t cycle the CRM website. Quick fix, with 2 options:
1. IISRESET should have caused the sitemap that was cached to get pulled from SQL again.
2. Export the sitemap which pulls from the database and just import it. Since importing a sitemap has an immediate effect you should see the changes as soon as you refresh the page.

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