MA4CalloutPlugin.log – The most documented file on the internet

So I’m driving to work like any other day, knowing that I’m moments away from getting called. I rarely actually make it to work without getting notified of something, and today was no exception. Today’s fire was that our production CRM server was running out of disk space. Now we were debugging an issue and I had intentionally turned on CRM tracing at a verbose level. Doing so can cause a disk to fill up pretty quickly, but I knew we would be OK until I got to work. Interestingly, this time CRM tracing wasn’t the only culprit. Instead, my colleague on the IT side called and found another file growing at a fast pace as well. My first question was “What’s the filename?”. “MA4CalloutPlugin.log”. “Doesn’t ring a bell. How big is it?” I asked. “12 gigabytes” he replied. I thought about it on the way in… Callout… Plugin… pretty sure we’re in the CRM space at this point. OK, it wasn’t a file I was familiar with so when I got to work I decided to perform a Bing search. Nothing. So I did a Google search. Nothing. Huh? Nothing? How can something exist and it not be documented on the internet somewhere? Isn’t that illegal or something?

So, I guess I can be first to talk about it. Obviously at 12GB I wasn’t about to open it in Notepad and take a look. My first instinct was to check if there were any open handles for the file. Fortunately nothing had a lock on it despite its increasing size, so whatever was writing to it was doing it intermittently which helped. Knowing that nothing else had it open exclusively, I decided to rename it and create a new empty version of the file. I probably wouldn’t have been that careless if it hadn’t have been a log file but the alternative was that CRM drops to its knees, which made for easy decision. A few moments later the file size on my newly created log file began to grow. At 74KB, I felt a little better about opening it versus the 12GB monster that was there.

Feeling the suspense yet? Alright, after breaking open the file I noticed a series of exceptions getting logged with their stack traces. What was it? The call to MobileAccess.CalloutPlugin.UpdatesProcessorPlugin.GetSupportedEntities(Guid organizationId) made it apparent. This log file was for MobileAccess. Of course! MA = MobileAccess. This was TenDigits logging a permissions issue that no one was addressing. Problem solved and I’m now perhaps the first person ever to put content up on the internet that can be indexed concerning MA4CalloutPlugin.log! I am such a pioneer.

One thought on “MA4CalloutPlugin.log – The most documented file on the internet”

  1. Thank you very much. 🙂

    And because you did so… you saved me a bunch of time. Now… I will be watch your blog more carefully.


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