Does the world need another CRM blog?

Call me Dan, but more importantly call me late to the party. I suppose I should start off with the standard background info, but that gets old. Basically, I’m a developer/architect who deals primarily with the Microsoft side of things. I’m no fanboy and I don’t enjoy flaming wars between Microsoft and Apple, but I think the competition is healthy and can be dicussed without mudslinging. I’m sure you’ll catch commentary from me from time to time, but that’s me. Alright, back on target. As I said, I’ve been developing Microsoft based solutions for quite a while now, so I have to thank Microsoft for indirectly paying my mortgage for the last 15 years. There’s been times of frustration (VB6) and thankfully times of joy (C#). Ah, C#.

It feels like home, it’s the language that I had been waiting for and as soon as I could get my hands on it, I did. So how do I feel about it now? You can have it when you pry from my cold, dead fingers. So what does all this have to do with CRM? Well, as I mentioned I’ve been architecting solutions for years and at my new job the company was already fully engaged with CRM. Now I was fully aware of the term and had heard of the product here and there, but had never been directly exposed to it. That all changed this past March. “Beware the Ides of March”  indeed. Now, having spent about half of my working day with CRM for some 4 and a half months how do I feel? Late to the party. How did I never see this product before? Why wasn’t I told of it’s simplicity and elegance? Don’t know, don’t care. I’m just glad I found it, and I’m glad that I’m pushing beyond the standard limits of CRM this early on.

So, does the world need another CRM blog? I think so. If I can point out one spot of pain that can save someone else the trouble then I’m happy. So I’ll see what pearls of wisdom I can drop at others’ feet. This should be fun.

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